Mitchell McMillan

I'm a research geologist interested in the interactions among tectonics, lithology, and erosion that control the evolution of Earth's surface. I investigate these relationships from many different angles, including geomorphology, geologic mapping, and geodynamic modelling. I recently received my PhD from the University of Toronto, and I currently work as a post-doc at Georgia Tech. Visit my CV for more.

Photo of Mitchell in Argentina
Sierra de Calalaste, Argentina

In 2016, I co-founded Cool Font, a software development company. We are the creators of Mixel, a cocktail recipe app that filters the recipes based on the ingredients you actually own. Mixel boasts over 35,000 active users, about 225,000 total installs, and features in the Apps We Love section of the App Store and in the May 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. It is available for iPhone and Android.

Continental orogenesis
Investigating the tectonic, geodynamic, and climatic processes that produce large mountain belts
tectonic geomorphology, geodynamics, thermochronology
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Lithospheric foundering
A deep-seated geodynamic process that may affect the evolution of mountain belts.
geodynamics, orogenesis, numerical modelling
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Thermodynamics of lower crustal buoyancy.
thermodynamics, fluid-mediated reactions, crustal metamorphism
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Wind erosion
Hyperarid regions, such as orogenic plateaus, are mainly eroded by wind, rather than rivers or glaciers
eolian processes, climate-tectonics interactions
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Streambank erosion (M.Sc. thesis)
Applying models to predict streambank erosion rate in the Gulf Coastal plain.
fluvial geomorphology, numerical modelling, environmental geology
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