Mitchell McMillan
Continental orogenesis
Investigating the tectonic, geodynamic, and climatic processes that produce large mountain belts
tectonic geomorphologygeodynamicsthermochronology
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Lithospheric dripping
Enigmatic geodynamic processes that may affect the evolution of mountain belts.
geodynamicsorogenesisnumerical modelling
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Thermodynamics of lower crustal buoyancy.
thermodynamicsfluid-mediated reactionscrustal metamorphism
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Wind erosion
Hyperarid regions, such as orogenic plateaus, are mainly eroded by wind, rather than rivers or glaciers
eolian processesclimate-tectonics interactions
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Streambank erosion (M.Sc. thesis)
Applying models to predict streambank erosion rate in the Gulf Coastal plain.
fluvial geomorphologynumerical modellingenvironmental geology
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